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Decoding The Fantasies Of Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, what most businesses expect is an overnight success. Surely putting efforts in blogs, vlogs, social PR and the rest of the digital marketing techniques pay and do create the strong brand following you wish to have but most businesses expect to get that right away, which does not happen. What is to be understood by brands spending on digital marketing is that sure, digital media is a horse, a really fast horse, but it is no Pegasus.

There are a few things one needs to keep in mind when stepping into the digital spaces.

Behind every successful business lies a story of blood and sweat, and what is likely to be somewhat of a grind, which is exactly what those brands choose to skip while telling their success stories, and while you read about those, you need to realize that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work, plenty of failed attempts and rejections, before they reached the success that you now witness.

When it comes to digital marketing, there is no set formula; not every technique that has brought success to other brands and businesses may work for you. However, you do need to develop an understanding of what suits your business best. Knowing your customers, their interests and needs, coupled with a few trials and errors, will help you proceed with a strategy that promises your brand’s digital success.

In the world of digital marketing, there’s no ‘I’ve got this’, and if you want success, you need to keep your learning shoes on. You must remember that digital marketing is a field that is always evolving, which means that your knowledge about what’s going on in the digital landscape must be up-to-date to keep up to stay trendy, hence, relevant. Once that is understood, you’d realize how important it is, in this field to be open to new ideas, and understanding that will go a long way towards helping you become better at planning strategies that will add to your success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Half-baked efforts rarely bring results and this holds true in case of digital marketing. This is where a digital agency like DAAS comes in handy, as it understands the implications and benefits of digital marketing strategies. However, you have got to learn to be a little patient while we develop strategies based on sound research and a firm understanding of both your customers and prospects and your ultimate business goals.

Rome wasn’t built in just one day and so won’t be your brand’s image. Be patient, develop your strategy and your campaigns accordingly, give them time to work, testing and measuring and tweaking them along the way. Then based on the output, using it as your guide, evaluate them. Ask yourself:Did they do what you hoped they would do? Did they move the needle? What worked and what didn’t? Use this information to plot your next course strategically and you’ll ultimately be more successful as a result.

Brand building is a painstakingly-crafted art that needs practice and perseverance and it’s impossible to do so without having meaningful connections with your audience, so don’t be hasty, be patient, engage them, talk with them, build your credibility and then keep at it. Obviously, this takes time and lots of well-meaning efforts.

Digital marketing is not for the faint-hearted, but for the enthusiasts and the inspired. If you’re ready to spend time, money and resources, you will have your moment of success here.

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social media

10 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

It’s almost 2015 and despite small businesses all over the world making use of social media to contribute to their success and growth, there are still skeptics who still don’t see or understand the hidden treasure that is inside the chest of social media.

Here are 10 ways social media can benefit your business

1. Social media – An easy way to learn about your audience

For businesses in any industry, the key to success is being aware of your audience. The basic tools of social media focuses on details like dominant languages spoken among your social media audience, age and gender which help you cater campaigns and product offers to your target audience, thus a better return on investment.

2. Social media helps target audiences more effectively

With tools like geo-tagging, social media get the most relevant information and communicate to the most relevant audience so that they reach back to you with a positive response. Social media makes it possible to target audience by their geographic location, languages they speak, age, gender, their relationship statuses, religion, sexual orientation and education which isn’t really possible through traditional media sources. This is a highly effective and engaging feature and is known and used by brands effectively to reach target audience in their targeted markets.

3. Twitter – A real life saver for business on digital

Twitter allows businesses to locate their current customers and seek out potential customers as it’s a great place to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it, which can actually prove to benefit your business. For instance, if you open a new coffee shop, you can reach out to people nearby who’re tweeting about needing a morning cup of coffee and invite them to come try a tall cup of latte at your new coffee shop. If you’re an online bookstore, you can reach out to people tweeting about the books they want to read, wondering where they can get them from. Twitter can make your business a hero.

4. Get instant feedback from your customers

If you launch a new product and share it on social media, you’ll instantly learn what your customers think of it. Another way to gain customer perspective with social media is by learning how they use your product; which could prove to be useful input that’d be kept in mind when designing the next product.

5. Social media helps you get ahead of your competitors

Social media allows you to monitor and gain key information on your competitors and what they are doing, which will allow you to improve your market intelligence. For example, you can monitor your competitor’s activity on social media through their Facebook page and tweets and know about their offers and customer’s satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). Such information can be used to allow your business to offer something your competitors are missing.

6. Social media can help increase website traffic and SEO

One of the greatest boons of social media is that it can be used to push people to your website and increase your site’s traffic. Not only does it help you direct people to your website but the more active you are on social media, the higher gets your chances to appear in Google’s search results, because Google gives more importance to brands which are active on social media. It’s like having SEO without having to pay for it!

7. Share content easier and faster

The fear of content reaching as many customers in the shortest possible time, was a thing of a past, as in the age of social media, sharing content got much a lot easier and faster. As long as the content is in alignment with the interests of your audience, all you need is to upload content on your social media account and watch it take flight to every nook and corner as your audience spreads it.

Does anyone recall Alex from Target?

8. Advertise with less budget

Advertising on social media is least expensive than any other marketing tactics, cost of which can range from less to none but the truth is that on social media, your marketing leverage has very little to do with the size of your budget and a sizable and impactful online effort can be undertaken more quickly and cost-effectively than an offline campaign.

9. Social media lets you create meaningful relationships with customers

The instant communication between the company and the customer can build meaningful relationship and strengthen the bond between the seller and the buyer. If your business is able to communicate a sense of care and responsibility via social media, you can buy their trust and their loyalty.

10. Turn your customers into brand advocates!

From YouTube stars to food bloggers, social media is full of key opinion leaders and influencers, who have a big impact on the social web with their colossal fan-following. If targeted correctly, this segment can be used to spread your message and turn them into your brand advocates, that’d lead more people into using your products and services.

Still not convinced about social media for business?

If you’re still not convinced after reading this, we, here at DAAS offer free consultancy. Reach us and we’ll tell you how exactly your business can benefit through social media channels and how DAAS can help your business grow. At DAAS, we have big ideas for growing business so get in touch.

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Why Your Business Should Choose Digital Marketing

Marketing is still king, and thanks to the power of technology, businesses who are up against competitors with their spending power hundred times greater, if used effectively to target the audience, engage the customer, and measure results.

Digital marketing involves the use of digital tools and technologies that most people depend on everyday, which includes smartphones, tablets, search engines and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and whatever’s ‘the new cool’ at the moment as you read this. The cost of entry to market on these is low, and marketing leverage has very little to do with the size of your budget.

The founder of a modern global digital agency, Deep Focus, Ian Schafer said, “Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”

Tom Fishurne who likes to refer to himself as the Marketoonist, spoke the truth when he said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” which requires seamless communication and bond between the digital agency and the client, as, in the words of Andrew Davis, the founder of Monumental Swift, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Unlike traditional media, social media is no longer just about the brand but the success of social media is built on your ability to create a highly engaged community focused on the co-creation of your brand which is in fact true.

Content used to be the king in the reign of traditional media when the headlines on the newspaper and the commercial that goes on television couldn’t be controlled by the audience but now, is dethroned by the democracy brought by social media. Virality, or in this reference, ‘coronation’ of the content depends on the shares (votes) it gets from the citizens of the internet.

To brands that yet don’t exist on the digital marketing scene, Seth Godin, the American best seller wrote in Guerrilla Marketing for Home-Based Businesses, “How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”

The right way of digital marketing enables companies to focus their reduced marketing dollars and provides a user-by-user scoreboard to banner ads, organic search, paid search, blogs, social media, email and all other popular digital marketing platforms in a matter of no time!

In this way, digital marketing provides companies the ability to test a wide array of tactics, evaluate which generates the best response, and then adjust the marketing program accordingly.

The old saying, “Less is more” applies to digital marketing, which is technically a small but long-term investment. Unlike leaflets and brochures which are thrown away, or emails that are deleted, digital marketing stays with your website long term. The more digital marketing your website receives, the bigger it will grow and the easier it will be for customers to find you.

Your website is your online shop window. That’s why taking a long term, all round approach to digital marketing is recommended. If you were holding an open day at your shop you would probably have a tidy up, put up some posters and maybe lay on some cake. Your website is open 24 hours a day and should represent your business in the same way.

We’ll make sure people find you online, and when they get to you, that they stay, look around and make a purchase. Ask us how, touch now.

Visit our portfolio to see what we’ve achieved for past and present clients. We are a full service digital media agency, with big ideas for growing businesses; we create, grow and cultivate your online properties for your business.





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Rejuvenate With Dayfresh

Press Release

Karachi, Wednesday December 3rd 2014: The COO of Dayfresh, Ali Raza and Manager Operations Ghulam Hussain met the bloggers at DAAS Headquarters for an exclusive product briefing and food tasting session. Dayfresh, a Karachi based brand, is solely dedicated to providing pure and best quality dairy products. Dayfresh creates all its dairy products by using the milk of more than 3000 imported Australian cows. A sub-brand of Dairy Land Pakistan, Dayfresh focuses entirely on the quality of their products by keeping their cows and buffalos free of hormonal injections and protects all the animal rights. Dayfresh also delivers their products in most areas of Karachi and is used by several leading cafes based in Karachi. Dayfresh currently has 6 outlets all over Karachi and is planning to increase the number of outlets around the city. You can get Dayfresh products delivered at your doorstep just by dialing 111DFRESH and can also avail their pre-paid card services. Dayfresh doesn’t just provide quality products, it also provides the ease of getting them delivered to you.

At the event the COO Ali Raza and Manager Operations Ghulam Hussain interacted with the bloggers while briefing them about Dayfresh, sharing their success stories and responding to the questions asked. A detailed discussion over the products and the quality of milk supplied gave the bloggers a clear image of Dayfresh and its vision.

After the briefing session the bloggers were presented with a delicious array of snacks created by using Dayfresh Products and were served with the mouthwatering Dayfresh Flavored Milk – in three flavors, Zafrani & Pistachio, Chocolate and Strawberry – Zeera Raita and Low-fat Yogurt. The snack bar was comprised of scrumptious treats that the bloggers indulged in and enjoyed thoroughly.

Finally the bloggers and the Dayfresh team took pictures at the Dayfresh Photo Booth with #RejuvenateWithDayfresh themed props and shared them across various social media platforms.

Have you tried the Dayfresh products yet? According to the popular opinion, the Dayfresh Premium Milk is delicious, healthy and, fresh and can be paired with several other food items.

Join the conversations around #RejuvenateWithDayfresh on Facebook and Twitter.

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Facebook at Work

“Facebook at Work” Service – Coming Soon

It’s really great if the IT department at your workplace hasn’t blocked access to Facebook on your systems. If they would do, then they may possibly have to unblock it soon as the social networking service has plans to launch its new product known as “Facebook at Work”.

As per the report of Financial Times, this initiative is secret, but it has neither been denied nor confirmed by Facebook yet. It further reports that this project will be more like the Google Drive file-sharing tool and the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Facebook at Work will also have a social networking component for professionals like LinkedIn and an online interaction studio along with a chat function. Apparently, it would seem like Facebook with groups and a Newsfeed, but will not allow users to post their personal photos, silly videos, and political rants on that as it will only serve for their work identity. According to an estimated data based on, it is found that 23% of employees are addicted to using Facebook during their working hours. At the same time, Forbes states that will be in direct competition with Facebook at Work, as it offers more or less similar features as this new Facebook product is expected to offer.

Freelancers may also benefit from this project, particularly those who are required to do some social media activity. It is assumed that Facebook at Work will offer integration with the main website, and it will help connect individual contractors with new customers and grow their professional networks.

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marketing plan

Marketing Hacks for Growing Your Business

Many businessmen believe that for writing an effective marketing plan, they must need a long time period of analysis, brainstorming, and implementation. But in reality that’s not true. This has been well-discussed in the book “The One Week Marketing Plan” by Mark Satterfield. This book of Satterfield includes some easy-to-follow marketing moves that can be effortlessly followed by any entrepreneur of today for reaching and winning customers. Those highly-effective marketing moves are well-illustrated in the following content.

1. Offering something free to your customers is a good way to retain the current customers as well as to get the new ones.

If a company gives some free samples of its products or offer a buy one get one free deal, then customers are more likely to buy the product of this company the next time too. A very good example of this sort of marketing is found in mobile apps where every product is downloaded for free and then to play the game it asks for payments.

2. Improving the company’s marketing content is another useful way for winning customers.

Majority of the customers get to know about a company’s products through reading contents written by the company either on the company’s website or anywhere. Therefore, for doing a successful content marketing, the content must be written in a way that could grasp customers’ first attention about its products. Creating blogs about the company’s products greatly help a company in bringing customers to their business websites, and every time the company posts something about its product in their blogs, then people searching for the same keywords would be directly drawn to the company’s website. This concept is also a part of search engine marketing.

3. Targeting your customers through social media platforms is also necessary as almost all people are using social networking websites these days.

Targeting customers through Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin is a good approach for doing social media marketing in an effective way. Tweeting multiple times in a day can also be helpful for getting immediate attention towards the business offerings. It is also a great idea to create an influential video about the products a company offers to its clients, along with discussing its benefits and how it can be differentiated from other relevant products available in the market and then posting that video to every relevant online platform.

4. Sending some direct e-mails is also a successful workhorse in order to directly approach new or existing customers.

Through this method of e-mail marketing, a company can directly reach to their target audience. A big credit goes to various digital marketing methods as they have brought a tremendous revolution in the field of business amongst other benefits.

5. Another highly effective way of marketing is to write a breathtaking press release.

People are more interested in buying the products of a company whose product information, advertisement and offerings are up in newspapers and magazines.

6. Initiating a joint venture helps a business grow

Staring up a joint venture can foster business growth by collaborating and making good relationships with some other company or companies who have some really good customers and clients’ lead and bringing together both their clientele under one umbrella.

An entrepreneur must be aware of how to represent its business in a way that it could capture the interest and attention of its customers. All these marketing tactics if used appropriately can help any business grow within a short span of time.

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google knowledge graph panel

Google Knowledge Graph Panel Added Social Profile Links

In 2012, Google launched a system known as the Google Knowledge graph that helps users understand facts about things, people, and places along with the ways through which they all are inter-connected. This system is used in two main ways in which one is to help Google in improving its search relevancy and the other is to present Knowledge Graph boxes within search results for offering direct answers of the required users’ searches.

For promoting its own social network Google+, Google has started linking to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace etc., as these well-known social networking websites are now linked with knowledge graph of Google. After Search Engine Roundtable’s reporting and Bernd Rubel’s spotting about it, now Google is showing icons for different social websites within its searches. On a search for ‘U2’, the Knowledge Graph panel shows links to profiles of the band on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, along with other Google properties such as Google+ and YouTube.

Now, when internet users search for some famous personalities or specific celebrities, then direct links and icons may be easily shown to their social profiles as they are already configured in the Google Knowledge graph panel. For instance, if one searches for ‘Barack Obama’, then they easily get to his Facebook, Google+, Myspace, and Twitter profiles.   Similarly, if one searches for ‘Neil Young’ in search engine, then they get links to his Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and YouTube profiles.

barack obama

Some of the social links may not be shown up in every Knowledge Graph panels and different Knowledge Graph entities may be appeared for different social websites. For example, if one searches for ‘Starbucks’ then they will only enable to see some recent Google+ posts of the company.

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account management_2

How Account Management Can Boost Your Sales

Each year, companies spend millions and millions on advertising, because they believe it’s worth it. Sure, companies want to get their brands recognized and their names out in the market, but what serves more vital than acquiring new customers is the experience faced by the existing clients.

55% of people are willing to recommend a company due to outstanding service, more than the product or price and upon research.

The most common reasons why clients switch agencies are

1) Unhappy or dissatisfied Account Management (AM) service

2) Unexpected charge or fee

3) Poor quality of deliverables

A dedicated account manager is the concept that fits best to serve specific digital needs of the client on a day to day basis as he can best help the client increase their business because they not only understand their business well but also knows what their competitors are up to and does not hesitate to pronounce the pitfalls and very well knows how to uplift the account much higher than others.   The AM is the connection between the agency and the client and it’s his specialty to maintain the balance, gather ideas as per agency standard procedures and mold them in favour of the client.

The primary benefit of having a dedicated AM is increased sales because they help enhance the image of your brand through various means eventually upgrading the brand profile and making it more socially dynamic leading to increased sales. Besides this, since the AM is in touch with the timely and unconventional creative ideas of branding, he is at a better position to make suggestions to the client for upgrading their brand. They transform the clients’ ideas into reality.

Most clients are not willing to take risks with their designs or other campaign ideas, here you need a trusting AM who can guide you through your way and commit his time and efforts to manifest what gains might be achieved by following a certain strategic plan. This belief and dependency that a client bases on his AM to take his brand forward is only gained via an undoubting, trusting relationship that is built.

Handling the expectations of a certain client & getting them through smartly is what an AM is required to do. Some of the common expectations that they have to work for the client are

- Transparency in all tasks

- Proactivity

- Value for money, in terms of quality of service and product

- Regular Meetups to stay on track

- Understand client’s culture

- Taking responsibility

With account management acting as the primary interface with the customer it represents all functions of the business and acts as a conduit for information between both the parties. Therefore it is vital that there is an effective flow of customer feedback. To achieve this, a profound understanding between the client and AM is essential.

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What Makes a Good Website?

To the 32,000,000 Pakistanis on the internet, your website is your portfolio. By investing very little time and money and just by following these simple steps, you can get a grade A website.

  1. Powerful Content

Your website content should be precise and comprehensive. Make sure you are able to convey your message to your audience without dragging the subject.  If your business is about apples, never talk about oranges on your website. Remember, your website is your voice. Don’t let it falter.


  1. Good Design

If your website looks good, it has a high chance of attracting your customers. Poorly designed websites with wrong colour choices can often result in driving customers away rather than generating leads.


  1. Quality User Experience

Your website should be easy to navigate and intuitive. A confusing sitemap and cluttered user experience can get your customers frustrated.


  1. Properly Optimized

You have a beautiful website. That’s great news. But if no one can find it, what’s the use? Make sure your website is properly optimized by talking to an SEO expert.

Almost 70% purchase decisions begin with search engines. Keep your website at the front page of search engines.


  1. Malware Free

Customers are not likely to trust you if each time they visit your website, it gives them a virus. Having a secure website with timely maintenance can help prevent hackers from infecting your website with suspicious spyware.


  1. Loading Speed

One thing that everyone hates is waiting. Be it waiting for food at the restaurant or waiting for a delayed flight at the airport.

Similarly, if your website takes ages to load, your customers are more likely to close the tab rather than wait for your content to display.

Does your website fall in the grade A category? Contact us today for a free web audit.

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Online Community Building

In today’s digital world, recommendations are the most powerful tools advertising history has seen, what’s better if pre-existing customers are doing that for you! Social media, as I always say, is here and now, it moves so quickly so should all brands!

Community Management does this all for you and your brand. As you plan to build a thriving community it’s vital to be strategic and focused at the same time. Think of building relationships, generating discussions, networking and floating new ideas, to and with like minded people, this should give you an adrenaline rush, almost!

If a meaningful shared purpose is put forward in community management, it could turn out to be one of the biggest success factors for the brand! A shared purpose however is between the brand and the consumers. While conversations are happening online about your brand, with or without you, you might as well participate.

The essence of community is the idea that it exists so that you can support others and they, in turn, can support you. You need to learn how to balance between brands information and benefits that followers may gain from it and the important role that transparency plays in building a community.

When consumers understand brands intellectually, they can connect emotionally and rationally. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make an emotional connect, a history of traditions and core values will place you where most brands fail to reach. When in tough times your brand will need a rescue, your advocates will be the first one to rescue you and trust me they will!

This is the age of digital media, where you are competing with brands you don’t even know of yet! While your competitors (visible and invisible) are reining the domain with connecting online and claiming the ground with faster customer care services, what are you doing?

Community management is your answer!

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