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Marketing Hacks for Growing Your Business

Many businessmen believe that for writing an effective marketing plan, they must need a long time period of analysis, brainstorming, and implementation. But in reality that’s not true. This has been well-discussed in the book “The One Week Marketing Plan” by Mark Satterfield. This book of Satterfield includes some easy-to-follow marketing moves that can be effortlessly followed by any entrepreneur of today for reaching and winning customers. Those highly-effective marketing moves are well-illustrated in the following content.

1. Offering something free to your customers is a good way to retain the current customers as well as to get the new ones.

If a company gives some free samples of its products or offer a buy one get one free deal, then customers are more likely to buy the product of this company the next time too. A very good example of this sort of marketing is found in mobile apps where every product is downloaded for free and then to play the game it asks for payments.

2. Improving the company’s marketing content is another useful way for winning customers.

Majority of the customers get to know about a company’s products through reading contents written by the company either on the company’s website or anywhere. Therefore, for doing a successful content marketing, the content must be written in a way that could grasp customers’ first attention about its products. Creating blogs about the company’s products greatly help a company in bringing customers to their business websites, and every time the company posts something about its product in their blogs, then people searching for the same keywords would be directly drawn to the company’s website. This concept is also a part of search engine marketing.

3. Targeting your customers through social media platforms is also necessary as almost all people are using social networking websites these days.

Targeting customers through Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin is a good approach for doing social media marketing in an effective way. Tweeting multiple times in a day can also be helpful for getting immediate attention towards the business offerings. It is also a great idea to create an influential video about the products a company offers to its clients, along with discussing its benefits and how it can be differentiated from other relevant products available in the market and then posting that video to every relevant online platform.

4. Sending some direct e-mails is also a successful workhorse in order to directly approach new or existing customers.

Through this method of e-mail marketing, a company can directly reach to their target audience. A big credit goes to various digital marketing methods as they have brought a tremendous revolution in the field of business amongst other benefits.

5. Another highly effective way of marketing is to write a breathtaking press release.

People are more interested in buying the products of a company whose product information, advertisement and offerings are up in newspapers and magazines.

6. Initiating a joint venture helps a business grow

Staring up a joint venture can foster business growth by collaborating and making good relationships with some other company or companies who have some really good customers and clients’ lead and bringing together both their clientele under one umbrella.

An entrepreneur must be aware of how to represent its business in a way that it could capture the interest and attention of its customers. All these marketing tactics if used appropriately can help any business grow within a short span of time.

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Make Your Website Stay at the Top

- by Yasir Ali

In this digital era for businesses, I’m sure you have heard the terms search engine optimization (SEO) or Organic SEO, but how do they make your website rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo?

When I heard the term SEO, I thought it sounded like a type of magic that only a few people could understand. But the reality is, SEO isn’t rocket science. Anyone can understand how it works.

Some SEO experts believe it takes years of dedicated study to understand it, but I don’t think that’s right. Yes I would agree that mastering the art of SEO takes time, but you can study the basics in just a few hours.

After years of studying SEO and working with different companies to help them get first page rankings, I’m sure basic SEO knowledge is all you need to know. For promoting your online business by increase your website traffic (visitors) and also increase your sales familiarize yourself with these basic guidelines.

At first you need to identify right keywords for your brand and those keywords will increase traffic on your website. It’s true that keyword research is not easy at all, but it’s a vital part of your website SEO.

  1. Look for high average search volume keywords in Google Keyword Tool.
  2. Look for competition (if competition is not tough it means more chances of good ranking in search engines on targeted keywords).
  3. Make sure all keywords are relevant to your website.
  4. Use that keywords in your pages’ Meta tags and in your page content (but don’t over optimize your webpage by putting too many keywords in one page!)
  5. Optimize your website code by proper use of html tags and java scripts at the bottom of every page. This is because search engine crawlers (bots) don’t just read your website’s text, they also read your website’s code.
  6. Make HTML sitemap for user convince and XML sitemap for search engines crawlers (bots). They can easily understand your webpage.
  7. Make your URL structure simple and use keywords in it.
  8. Share articles about your business or specific products with the link of your website on high niche platforms. It’s known as building back-links or inbound-links for your website popularity.
  9. Promote your website across social media platforms with great content.

Bottom line:

If you implement all of the suggestions here, I’m pretty sure your website traffic from search engines will definitely increase. But you need patience. You’re doing organic SEO which takes time for search engines to update in their records, as they have to crawl billions of websites.

If you need any other help with boosting your web traffic, be sure to #AskDAAS on Twitter, or come down to our office for free consultation.

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Client Servicing

In a digital media agency, amongst every functions the domain ‘Client Services’ is the only one that ensures cash in-flows keeping the clients satisfied and retained. Significant outcomes of a digital media agency hinges largely on strong agency-client relationships and this can be promising if there is an account manager who with his agency services keeps this relationship maintained.

We at DAAS have experienced a huge and diversified portfolio of businesses and with everything that we have learned serving our clientele, below pointers are being outlined as the Best Account Management Practices.

• Understand their product, company and the industry they deal in: You don’t have to be an expert with your client’s business but keeping up with his product/service, company and the industry would give you an edge over connecting your services greatly with his business. Moreover, this will help you speak the same language your client understands.

• Enhance your work potential rather getting too social with your client: Instead of spending time to get to know your client’s representative and share a lot about yourself, remember that your work for your client is the key parameter to building positive long term relationships with your client. At the end of the day, no amount of personal relations can substitute for great work.

• Take every client equally important but prioritize urgencies: Put your best against each of your client, regardless of whether they are a multinational company or a SME. You never know who your clients may know or to whom he can refer you. Furthermore, it is also quite important for you to serve your accounts promptly in case of urgencies. This will support the delays on their future assignments in case of urgencies over other projects you would have on board.

• You are not just an email address: Do not act like a coordinator who just exchanges words between client and project manager/other functional resources. Be a manager who goes an extra mile to better understand client requirements, sort out the scope of work/plan of actions needed and elaborate this internally. Accordingly keep your clients updated with the rationale behind the jobs submitting them and let them know the value proposition against all your offered services. Lastly, keep a vigilant check & balance over billing & payment statuses of all the jobs executed.

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