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Google Knowledge Graph Panel Added Social Profile Links

In 2012, Google launched a system known as the Google Knowledge graph that helps users understand facts about things, people, and places along with the ways through which they all are inter-connected. This system is used in two main ways in which one is to help Google in improving its search relevancy and the other is to present Knowledge Graph boxes within search results for offering direct answers of the required users’ searches.

For promoting its own social network Google+, Google has started linking to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace etc., as these well-known social networking websites are now linked with knowledge graph of Google. After Search Engine Roundtable’s reporting and Bernd Rubel’s spotting about it, now Google is showing icons for different social websites within its searches. On a search for ‘U2’, the Knowledge Graph panel shows links to profiles of the band on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, along with other Google properties such as Google+ and YouTube.

Now, when internet users search for some famous personalities or specific celebrities, then direct links and icons may be easily shown to their social profiles as they are already configured in the Google Knowledge graph panel. For instance, if one searches for ‘Barack Obama’, then they easily get to his Facebook, Google+, Myspace, and Twitter profiles.   Similarly, if one searches for ‘Neil Young’ in search engine, then they get links to his Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and YouTube profiles.

barack obama

Some of the social links may not be shown up in every Knowledge Graph panels and different Knowledge Graph entities may be appeared for different social websites. For example, if one searches for ‘Starbucks’ then they will only enable to see some recent Google+ posts of the company.

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