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How Account Management Can Boost Your Sales

Each year, companies spend millions and millions on advertising, because they believe it’s worth it. Sure, companies want to get their brands recognized and their names out in the market, but what serves more vital than acquiring new customers is the experience faced by the existing clients.

55% of people are willing to recommend a company due to outstanding service, more than the product or price and upon research.

The most common reasons why clients switch agencies are

1) Unhappy or dissatisfied Account Management (AM) service

2) Unexpected charge or fee

3) Poor quality of deliverables

A dedicated account manager is the concept that fits best to serve specific digital needs of the client on a day to day basis as he can best help the client increase their business because they not only understand their business well but also knows what their competitors are up to and does not hesitate to pronounce the pitfalls and very well knows how to uplift the account much higher than others.   The AM is the connection between the agency and the client and it’s his specialty to maintain the balance, gather ideas as per agency standard procedures and mold them in favour of the client.

The primary benefit of having a dedicated AM is increased sales because they help enhance the image of your brand through various means eventually upgrading the brand profile and making it more socially dynamic leading to increased sales. Besides this, since the AM is in touch with the timely and unconventional creative ideas of branding, he is at a better position to make suggestions to the client for upgrading their brand. They transform the clients’ ideas into reality.

Most clients are not willing to take risks with their designs or other campaign ideas, here you need a trusting AM who can guide you through your way and commit his time and efforts to manifest what gains might be achieved by following a certain strategic plan. This belief and dependency that a client bases on his AM to take his brand forward is only gained via an undoubting, trusting relationship that is built.

Handling the expectations of a certain client & getting them through smartly is what an AM is required to do. Some of the common expectations that they have to work for the client are

- Transparency in all tasks

- Proactivity

- Value for money, in terms of quality of service and product

- Regular Meetups to stay on track

- Understand client’s culture

- Taking responsibility

With account management acting as the primary interface with the customer it represents all functions of the business and acts as a conduit for information between both the parties. Therefore it is vital that there is an effective flow of customer feedback. To achieve this, a profound understanding between the client and AM is essential.

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