Online Community Building

In today’s digital world, recommendations are the most powerful tools advertising history has seen, what’s better if pre-existing customers are doing that for you! Social media, as I always say, is here and now, it moves so quickly so should all brands!

Community Management does this all for you and your brand. As you plan to build a thriving community it’s vital to be strategic and focused at the same time. Think of building relationships, generating discussions, networking and floating new ideas, to and with like minded people, this should give you an adrenaline rush, almost!

If a meaningful shared purpose is put forward in community management, it could turn out to be one of the biggest success factors for the brand! A shared purpose however is between the brand and the consumers. While conversations are happening online about your brand, with or without you, you might as well participate.

The essence of community is the idea that it exists so that you can support others and they, in turn, can support you. You need to learn how to balance between brands information and benefits that followers may gain from it and the important role that transparency plays in building a community.

When consumers understand brands intellectually, they can connect emotionally and rationally. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make an emotional connect, a history of traditions and core values will place you where most brands fail to reach. When in tough times your brand will need a rescue, your advocates will be the first one to rescue you and trust me they will!

This is the age of digital media, where you are competing with brands you don’t even know of yet! While your competitors (visible and invisible) are reining the domain with connecting online and claiming the ground with faster customer care services, what are you doing?

Community management is your answer!

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