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Facebook at Work

“Facebook at Work” Service – Coming Soon

It’s really great if the IT department at your workplace hasn’t blocked access to Facebook on your systems. If they would do, then they may possibly have to unblock it soon as the social networking service has plans to launch its new product known as “Facebook at Work”.

As per the report of Financial Times, this initiative is secret, but it has neither been denied nor confirmed by Facebook yet. It further reports that this project will be more like the Google Drive file-sharing tool and the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Facebook at Work will also have a social networking component for professionals like LinkedIn and an online interaction studio along with a chat function. Apparently, it would seem like Facebook with groups and a Newsfeed, but will not allow users to post their personal photos, silly videos, and political rants on that as it will only serve for their work identity. According to an estimated data based on Salary.com, it is found that 23% of employees are addicted to using Facebook during their working hours. At the same time, Forbes states that Salesforce.com will be in direct competition with Facebook at Work, as it offers more or less similar features as this new Facebook product is expected to offer.

Freelancers may also benefit from this project, particularly those who are required to do some social media activity. It is assumed that Facebook at Work will offer integration with the main website, and it will help connect individual contractors with new customers and grow their professional networks.

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