What Makes a Good Website?

To the 32,000,000 Pakistanis on the internet, your website is your portfolio. By investing very little time and money and just by following these simple steps, you can get a grade A website.

  1. Powerful Content

Your website content should be precise and comprehensive. Make sure you are able to convey your message to your audience without dragging the subject.  If your business is about apples, never talk about oranges on your website. Remember, your website is your voice. Don’t let it falter.


  1. Good Design

If your website looks good, it has a high chance of attracting your customers. Poorly designed websites with wrong colour choices can often result in driving customers away rather than generating leads.


  1. Quality User Experience

Your website should be easy to navigate and intuitive. A confusing sitemap and cluttered user experience can get your customers frustrated.


  1. Properly Optimized

You have a beautiful website. That’s great news. But if no one can find it, what’s the use? Make sure your website is properly optimized by talking to an SEO expert.

Almost 70% purchase decisions begin with search engines. Keep your website at the front page of search engines.


  1. Malware Free

Customers are not likely to trust you if each time they visit your website, it gives them a virus. Having a secure website with timely maintenance can help prevent hackers from infecting your website with suspicious spyware.


  1. Loading Speed

One thing that everyone hates is waiting. Be it waiting for food at the restaurant or waiting for a delayed flight at the airport.

Similarly, if your website takes ages to load, your customers are more likely to close the tab rather than wait for your content to display.

Does your website fall in the grade A category? Contact us today for a free web audit.

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